Scott Adlhoch – Musician

Mar 30 2017

Gratitude fills my Heart

Scott Adlhoch

Whenever I sing in a cafe and crowd leaves their phones and stop talking just to listen to my music makes my heart fill with gratitude. I know that I am not a big-shot musician who’d sell out the Madison Square Garden, I still feel blessed that the Lord has given me the chance to share my music, and a part of my soul with a few people at a time. Although I’d like to see “Scott Adlhoch” playing in the Madison Square Garden, someday. I know a lot of people don’t have the luxury to pursue their passions like …

Mar 29 2017

About Me – Scott Adlhoch

Scott Adlhoch is a musician and singer/songwriter from New York City, New York. You can find him playing songs on his acoustic guitar in New York city cafes. When he’s not playing his songs, he likes to work on his artwork, visit the gym and go out for runs in the Central Park. He’s musically inspired by the likes of Adam Levine, Chris Martin and Ed Sheeran. According to the Rolling Stone magazine, he’s got “the ruggedness and soul of Ed Sheeran and the high-pitched voice of Adam Levine”. His favourite songs include She Will Be Loved, Yellow, I Don’t …